Club Hut

Beddgelert Hut

Cae Ysgbor Hut

Red Rope has a hut sharing agreement with the Lancashire Mountaineering Club (LMC)

Both the LMC huts, Cae Ysgubor in Beddgelert North Wales and The Loft at Blea Tarn, (between the Langdales, Cumbria) are now available to Red Rope groups for national/regional bookings and for individual bookings by Red Rope members.

Please note LMC should not be approached directly. All bookings and queries should come through the Red Rope bed night booker: bednight(replace this text with the @ sign) 

Both huts have been described in Red Rope Bulletins and for more details about the LMCs huts see

To download a PDF (printable) version of the information on this page click here:

Booking the LMC Huts 150316 (pdf)

Bookings for organised regional and national trips

Red Rope is entitled to three weekend trips each year. These will be offered to Red Rope regions in turn, with priority initially given to the regions that have organised most trips in the past 5 years.

For the Beddgelert hut, regions wishing to bid for a weekend are requested to send requests to the bed night booker by the end of September of the year prior to the proposed trip; so for trips in 2016 you will need to send your request to the bed night booker by the end of September 2015.  Allocations will be confirmed by the LMC at a meeting of their hut committee in October.

Bookings for The Loft (Blea Tarn) are likely to be more flexible, but the three Red Rope weekends include both huts, so it makes sense for us to prioritise bookings at Cae Ysgbor (Beddgelert). There are calendars on the LMC website which show existing bookings for both huts. For any weekend trips outside our allocation, regions would need to pay the full charges listed on the LMC website.

For group bookings within our allocation Red Rope theoretically has exclusive access to the hut, but we would expect RR groups to welcome LMC members on Red Rope weekends if space permits.

What the Region Pays to LMC

The hut fees payable by the region are £5 per person per night at The Loft and £7 per person per night at Cae Ysgubor. We have agreed that for weekend bookings we will guarantee to pay for a minimum of 10 places. Hut fees are to be paid direct to the LMC treasurer, currently John Toon. Trip organisers will be supplied with a single temporary key fob by LMC, but trip members who are likely to use the huts at some other time are encouraged to obtain a personal key fob (see details below). Note that the procedure for obtaining key fobs for group trips is currently under review and may change.

LMC Huts overnight charges on organised trips

The overnight charges for Red Rope members on regional or national trips to the LMC huts will be 90% of standard banded charges for Cae Ysgubor and 80% of banded charges for Blea Tarn (The Loft), currently as shown on the Trip Charges page. An early booking discount of 10% also applies if the member books their place 3 months in advance, (EBD). As with all Red Rope trips, this charge covers accommodation and food.

For details of charges for overnight trips to the LMC huts see Trip Charges page

Individual bookings

Red Rope has 200 individual bed nights per year across the two huts. These are for Red Rope members only – you may not take guests unless you become an associate member of LMC (See below). Access to the huts is on the same basis as for LMC members – you do not need to book per se, but will need to check that there is space available by contacting the RR bed night booker, who will keep track of the nights used from our allocation. In order to use the huts on this basis, at least one member of your party will need to obtain a personal key fob (see below).

Charges for individual RR members using the huts are as follows:

Bands Charge for Blea Tarn Charge for Cae Ysgubor
1 3.00 5.00
2 4.00 6.00
3 5.00 7.00
4 6.00 8.00
5 7.00 9.00

These charges cover hut fees only. It is the responsibility of the members concerned to provide their own food. The fees should be sent to the bednight booker (currently Barbara Segal).

Obtaining a personal key fob

Cae Ysgubor is equipped with an electronic entry system, which logs entry to the hut in the name of the person to whom the fob has been issued. In order to obtain a key fob, you need to send your name and address, together with a £20 deposit, to the bed night booker, who will forward your details to LMC. Cheques should be made out to Lancashire Mountaineering Club. LMC have asked us to allow a month in which to process requests for key fobs, so make sure that you apply in plenty of time for your planned stay at the hut. Members obtaining keys are expected to keep them for future use and not ‘cash them in’ after a single trip.
The Loft still uses conventional keys, which are supplied on a temporary basis by the bed night booker, but there are plans to install electronic locks there too.

Associate membership of LMC

In order to take non-Red Rope members with you on an individual basis to either of the huts you will need to become an associate member of LMC. Details of this have not been finalised but it is likely to cost £20 per year.
For further information, and for any postal addresses needed, please contact the bed night
booker.  bednight(replace this text with the @ sign)


Advice to RR members on booking Lancashire MC huts:

Q. What huts are there?
A. Cae Ysgubor in Beddgelert North Wales and The Loft at Blea Tarn, (between the Langdales, Cumbria)

Q. Who can make bookings?
A. The National Trips Secretary, Regional Hut Bookers or individual Red Rope members, but only through the bed night booker.

Q.Where can we find out what weekends are already booked?

A. There are calendars on the LMC website for both huts

Q. What sort of bookings can we make?
A. Red Rope can book one Bank Holiday week-end a year, which is done by the National Trips Secretary. Plus we can book two non-Bank Holiday region trip weekends a year.  Regions are being allocated priority in taking turns.In addition up to 200 individual bed-night bookings can be made for any time of the year, including weekend nights.

Q.Will we have exclusive use of the hut?

A. Yes in theory, but we would expect RR groups to welcome LMC members on RR weekends if space permits.

Q. Who do we contact to make regional or individual bed night bookings?
A. Contact the RR Bed-night Booker: bednight(replace this text with the @ sign)  (Do not contact the LMC)
The RR booker will liaise with the LMC over bookings, and can advise when a booking can be made.

Q. How do we pay for these bookings?
A. We have agreed that we will pay a minimum of 10 places on weeknd trips. On the Bank Holiday or Regional weekend trips you pay in the usual Red Rope way i.e. in full in advance in accordance with your band.