Trip Planning

Planning a Red Rope trip of a weekend or longer?

This page has some general tips plus useful forms that you might need.

If you’re the trip organiser then for all the details please download the Trip Organisation Guide, please note this is a new and improved 2015 version

Trip Organisation Guide v2_2015 PDF

Also available in Word format (docx) Trip Organisation Guide v2 2015

Safety on Winter Trips 2016 PDF

Trip roles

  • Organiser – deals with the accommodation, taking bookings and all details about trip but they should delegate
  • Food organiser – deals with the planned meals and organises shopping for the trip
  • Safety – Considers safety issues
  • Transport – coordinating the lift-sharing
  • Treasurer – uses the trip treasuring form to work out trip finances


This role is best done by someone who can do their sums! It consists of making sure everyone has paid, that people get any expenses back for food they bought for trip, and that transport costs are repaid to drivers, and similar. It’s all done according to people’s ‘bands’. There is a spreadsheet or form available here for treasurers to use on the trip.

Download them before you go! The form is Excel and has several pages, there is one with formulas inside that you could use on a laptop, or print off the pages from the hand completion form and take them with you. Please also download or print off the relevant Instructions when filling in the Treasurer form. They are very helpful.

Don’t forget the Petrol calculator – useful for checking payment scales for petrol cost

Trip Treasuring Forms (NEW forms  for 2017)

Excel Formula Version – This is a form that has calculations inside it: 

Trip Treasuring Form (xlsx) (Windows 10) RR-Trip-Treasurer-2017 Dynamic

Trip Treasuring Form (xls) (pre Windows 10) RR-Trip-Treasurer-2017 Dynamic Excel97

Instructions for completing the Dynamic Excel form (pdf) Completion of Trip Treasurer 2017 Excel version

Hand completion form – An Excel spreadsheet without formulas, that you can use for hand completion.  

Trip Treasuring Form for hand completion TO PRINT OFF (pdf 11 pages) Trip Treasurer hand completion forms

Instructions for Hand completion (pdf) Completing the Trip Treasurer Form 2017

The Petrol calculator (pdf) trip transport petrol calculator

Safety on trips

The Trip organiser should consider what safety issues there will be for the trip.  This job can be delegated to others. While on the trip, it is important that route cards are filled out for all groups going out. The trip organiser should take enough paper copies of the route card with them on the trip, to allow for a variety of walks / climbs on both days.

Safety Route Card (pdf) safetyroutecard 2016 (opens for printing)

Is this a Winter trip? See the PDF about Safety on Winter Trips above

Children on trips

Trip organizers should check the Child Protection Policy if there are children under 18 on the trip.

ChildProtectionPolicy  (PDF)

It is expected that normally children on Red Rope trips will be accompanied by their parent or guardian. If this is not possible we ask parents or guardian to appoint a responsible person to act ‘in loco parentis’. Parents or guardian should should fill in the form below,  (InLocoParentis form) and send it to the trip organiser.

InLocoParentis Form (PDF)

Trip Food

Usually the trip organiser asks one of the members of the trip to take on the job of organising food and shopping – the shopping can be shared between people according to time of arrival and room in cars.

For some recipe ideas you should take a look at the Trip food and recipes page

Suggested shopping guide for 12 person weekend trip shoppinglist (PDF)

shoppinglist (Word doc)

It is Red Rope policy to avoid buying Nestle products for use on trips.

More information on these products can be found here:  Nestle products