Membership charges

All Red Rope charges are scaled according to income. This means that it is very cheap for the low paid and un-waged while less cheap (but still great value) for the more wealthy.

All members pay an annual subscription charge, and you always get a full year’s membership.

This charge is based on your ‘relevant income’.


To calculate your subscription fee, work out your monthly (or weekly) ‘relevant income’,  and then look up your band in the table below. This tells you how much to pay and what ‘band’ to put on the Membership Form.

Working out your ‘Relevant income’

  1. Work out your total income from all sources, including interest on savings, all benefits including child benefit and tax credit, and rent from lodgers or sub-tenants
  2. Include housing benefit (if you have it) up to £75 per week (£325 a month).
  3. Deduct tax and National Insurance contributions only (not occupational pension contributions, SAYE, mortgage repayments etc.)
  4. If you have dependents, e.g. children, one parent/carer per family may deduct a further £20 per week (£87 per month) from their income.
  5. If your income varies from month to month, total the relevant income for the past three months and divide by thirteen (for weekly figure) or three (for monthly income)
  6. Then find your band and your charge for a years’ membership

Your ‘income band’ is based on your relevant income, as follows:

Band Weekly relevant income Monthly relevant income Annual Subscription
1 up to £180 up to £780 £12
2 up to £275 up to £1192 £18
3 up to £400 up to £1733 £27
4 up to £615 up to £2665 £40
5 £616 and above £2666 and above £48

Red Rope is founded on socialist principles and a concept of sharing. The bands are intended as a guide to a minimum subscription. You may adopt a higher band if you feel that is where you should be.

To Join just print off the Membership Form and send it with your cheque to the Membership Sec. (address on the form) Membership Form PDF file: RedRope Membership Form (2016_05)

Help about using PDF files

Renewing your Membership

Your membership runs for a year from when you join. When its time to renew you’ll get a reminder by email, which you can print out, and use to send payment for the following year!