Trip charges

Red Rope trips are charged according to your membership band.

If you are not sure which band you are, look at the Membership Charges page

Non-members: Pay at Band 3 plus 50%

If you book at least 3 months in advance there is an early booking discount of 10% (EBD)

Trip Charges (new rates and bands from December 2017)

General Hut trips LMC Blea Tarn LMC Cae Ysgbor Transport charge*
Band Nightly Trip charge** Less EBD Standard Less EBD Standard Less EBD
1 £9 £8.10 £6.40 £5.80 £7.20 £6.50 3.1p
2 £14 £12.60 £9.60 £8.60 £10.80 £9.70 4.4p
3 £18 £16.20 £12.80 £11.50 £14.40 £13.00 5.7p
4 £22 £19.80 £16.00 £14.40 £18.00 £16.20 8.3p
5 £26 £23.40 £19.20 £17.30 £21.60 £19.40 9.7p


*Transport charge is @ pence per mile. This example is at a petrol cost of 100p per ltr.

**Nightly trip charge: This is a per night charge, so multiply it by the number of nights of the trip (no reduction if staying fewer nights). e.g. a weekend trip is normally 2 nights.

It pays for the accommodation, and includes all your food, i.e. breakfast, packed lunch, evening meal, hot drinks etc  excluding food on the arrival night, which people travelling together normally organise themselves or eat on the way.

Early booking discount: a 10% discount applies to any member who books and pays the correct deposit for accommodation at least three months in advance of the trip date.

Children: children over five are charged at half the parents charge, or band 1,  whichever is greater. Under fives are charged similarly for the parents’ transport element only.

Individual nights at LMC Huts –  individual bed-nights can be booked very cheaply by Red Rope members. See the Club Hut page for details.

Trip Booking Forms

Cancellation Rules

Please note that if you have to cancel your place, the following rules about refunds apply:

100% refund if a cancellation is at 12 weeks or more before the start of the trip

50% if less than 12 weeks but 4 weeks or more before the start of the trip

No refund if the cancellation is less than 4 weeks before the start of the trip (except by special agreement with relevant trip organisers)

No refund of any public transport fares alread paid

Transport (mileage) charge

We normally travel to trips in shared cars. Transport charges are not paid when you book, but calculated and paid up while on, (or after) the trip. You pay a banded charge per mile for the total number of miles you travelled  to get to the trip, plus some miles travelled around locally while on the trip. You can calculate in advance approximately what it will cost to get to the destination and back,  then allow for a variable amount of ‘on trip’ miles.

For more details see the trip transport calculator sheet below

trip transport petrol calculator 2018 (PDF opens in new tab)


Using public transport

Red Rope members are normally expected to travel to trips in shared cars. However, where a member wishes to travel to a trip by public transport, or to travel separately using their own transport, this must be agreed with the trip organiser in advance of the trip. Trip organisers will be flexible, but they may refuse where this would lead to a shortage of cars on the trip, including for local transport, or to unfilled spaces in cars – the norm is 3 in a car (i.e. a driver plus 2 passengers).

Public transport and trip finances

For National trips, charges have been agreed regarding what the member pays to the trip or is reimbursed if travelling on public transport.  Regions can use these rules or use their discretion.

The member pays the cost of their ticket. Below ‘band 3’ some of the cost will be reimbursed and above ‘band 3’ an additional payment into the trip will be charged, as follows:

Reimbursement rates & bands (From Jan 2016)

band 1 pay 55% so receive rebate of 45%
band 2 pay 78% so receive rebate of 22%
band 3 no adjustment
band 4 pay 145% so pay an extra 45% on ticket cost
band 5 pay 170% so pay extra 70% on ticket cost


For more information answering transport questions see the FAQ page.

Red Rope transport FAQ page

redrope transport FAQs  (PDF)