Trip food and recipes

On Red Rope trips we normally plan the catering as a group, and buy everything that’s needed for breakfasts, the Saturday evening meal, and packed lunches. Trips longer than a weekend need to plan for more evening meals and days.

When you go on a trip, the cost of food  is included in the charge. Walking and climbing make you hungrry and we make sure there’s plenty to eat! Breakfast is normally help-yourself, and there’ll be ingredients for a packed lunch. People volunteer to help with the evening meal.

Doing food as a group generally works out cheaper for everyone, but we try to cater for individual needs.

The policy is to eat vegetarian, but groups sometimes decide to do this differently.


A sample food list for a weekend trip ShoppingList (pdf)

Word version also available shoppinglist (doc)

We try to avoid Nestle products. More info about Nestle

Some tried and tested recipes


Lentil and aubergine moussaka

Vegetarian Chilli

Chick pea curry

Moroccan Tagine

Coconut noodles

Veggy curry

Peanut butter stew

Humphreys onion tart

Roast Veg Frittata

Savoury Bean Goulash

Lentils and spaghetti with veg

Beetroot stew


Bread and butter pudding

Fruit salad

Barm brack

Date and walnut loaf

Pineapple upside down pudding

Baked apple and almond pudding