Walking On Tarr Steps

Walking On Tarr Steps

Red Rope is a national club for walkers and climbers with socialist and green ethics.

The club has socialist, left-wing and alternative roots – and today’s club is still organised with socialist and green ethics.

We have around 300 members all over the country, in over a dozen regions, and over a hundred trips each year: day walks and climbs, weekend and longer trips to countryside, hills and mountains.

Regional groups are under the umbrella of the national club. Members join the national club, and usually focus on their closest region, but are welcome on trips run by other regions. National trips are open to everyone. Every member receives an email listing of walks, climbs, social events and meetings.

What makes Red Rope unique?

  • Membership and trip charges are all scaled according to income – see membership charges for details.
  • We welcome walkers and climbers of all abilities. You don’t need to be experienced, just enthusiastic and willing to join in and contribute.
  • We campaign on issues affecting outdoor activities, particularly access to the countryside.
  • Trips, transport and cooking are arranged for the whole group – reducing costs, sharing the work and the fun.
  • Red Rope supports child carers: children are welcome on most trips.

Red Rope is affiliated to:

  • the British Mountaineering Council (BMC)
  • Mountaineering Scotland
  • and other outdoor organisations

More about Affiliations.

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