All things T shirts – plus a new women’s style

The new women’s style Tee

New women’s style

Several women members have said they would prefer a lower neck-line to the one found on the traditional T shirt.

If you would like to order one, as shown here, and on page 5 of Bulletin 34, or a Red Rope singlet, please get in touch via bulletin(replace this text with the @ sign) by 1 April, 2018.

Please note – the design has been simplified so you don’t have to have an image of 2 mountain tops on your chest!

I’ll then get back to you to say if we can go ahead and, if so, what the price will be.

It won’t be worthwhile unless at least 6 are ordered.
If at least 6 are ordered they won’t cost more than £12 with p&p and £10 without. They should be available in cerise, (as in the photo) red, grey, black or white.
The lettering comes in white, red or black.

Trad style

There are still a few trad T shirts of the previous design left. These are what Ed and Ann Ferguson are wearing in the photo below (more about them in Bulletin 34). To snap up one of these left-over shirts, send a cheque made out to Red Rope for £10 to: David Symonds, 3 ZETLAND ROAD, LIVERPOOL L18 1HF

Below is a list of what T shirts are left – £10 only

The following are available now in:
‘Fruit of the Loom’ (brand name – slightly tight fit for size)

  • Men’s small turquoise T shirt with white design
  • Men’s medium red T shirt with white design
  • Women’s large red T shirt with white design

‘Gildan’ Softstyle (brand name – loose fit for size)

  • Two Men’s 2XL maroon with pale grey lettering
  • Women’s cerise XL with white design
  • Women’s red 2XL with white design

NB If you want to order a ‘Trad’ one in either style which is NOT on this list let Dave know by April 1.

Don’t send money at this stage – because we won’t know the exact price of a new order until we find out the level of interest.

Ed and Ann from the US wearing their trad tees