Red Rope Tee-Shirt Update!

Red Rope Tee-Shirts with a design by David Symonds will soon be available.

T shirt

After some initial responses, it has now been decided to order COTTON Leisure T shirts and not wicking (as previously advertised)

The cost will be £10 which includes p & p.

When ordering you need to give your name, address, say if you want a men’s or women’s T shirt and specify the size and colour. You should also name the colour of the ink: white, red or burgundy.

The T shirts are available in the range shown in the pdf below but it is easier if most orders are chosen from: red, black, grey, burgundy or white.

RR T shirt 2  (pdf showing the design above voted most popular AND all the colour choices)

Cheques should be made out to RED ROPE and sent to Dave  at:

DAVID SYMONDS,  3 ZETLAND ROAD,   LIVERPOOL L18 1HF by Monday, 14 November 2016.

You can also email Dave with your preference BUT please send a cheque in the post as well.  (contact gumbo7(replace this text with the @ sign)

T shirt check list:

men’s or women’s :


colour of T shirt:

colour of ink: white / red / burgundy  (please indicate)

your name and address:


cheque made out to RED ROPE for £10!

 Men’s: S 35-37 / M 38-40 / L 41 – 43 /  XL 44 – 46 / 2XL 47 – 49 /  3XL 50 – 52  / 4XL 53-55 / 5XL 56-58

 Women’s: XS 8  / S 10  / M 12 / L 14 /  XL 16 /  2XL 18