Cornwall, 14-21 October 2017

National trip to the Climbers Club Hut, Bosigran, Cornwall, 14-21 October 2017

When I first enquired about this trip, the organiser, Pravin, described it as a great hut in a stunning location. With this in mind I travelled there from London by car with Sherry, Trudi and Pete. On arrival I found that the hut was just as described – a wonderful building on a very quiet coastal road south west of St. Ives. Gathered there were 14 of us, from London and the South East, Leicester, Gloucestershire, East Anglia, and Sheffield.

For a decently sized gathering activities varied and included climbing, walks along the coast path, swimming, cycling, running and, specific to the area, pottering around disused tin-mines and pre-historic structures.

My highlights included scrambling to the top of some rocks at Gurnards Head on the coastal path, ascending a tor called Carn Gulvar close to the hut, where the gorse covered moor opened out revealing such points of interest as the disused ‘Ding Dong’ tin mine and ‘Nine Maidens’ stone circle. This was on an extremely windy day when the west coast of Britain was being battered by gales. I ripped my over-trousers struggling between granite tors and thick gorse. One companion, Nigel, lost his hat, whilst Prav walked ahead, hands in pockets looking unbothered, and engaging in the art of ‘physical navigation’! We finished off viewing the waves crashing in against the Bosigran cliffs. (See photo on back page) On other more pleasant days I visited Cape Cornwall and Porthcurno, the former including the Levant Mine run by the N.T. and the latter including the very interesting St. Levans Church. Every evening people knocked up great meals, Pete Clark excelling with a lasagna mountain that lasted over two days – a remarkable event with Nigel in the vicinity!

Trip memories for other people included – Deena: ‘walking with Trudi from Zennor across fields with unusual stone stiles’; Trudi: ‘swimming in the sea while Grace looked on aghast’; Pete Clark: ‘sunny, windy coastal walk on the day of the storm, and swimming’; Nigel: ‘being escorted through a field of horned cows with Damo, by a very considerate farmer’.

Towards the end of the trip Grace had an unpleasant encounter with some granite on the coastal path which meant she had to leave the trip – she has happily fully recovered.

There was one issue that divided me from some of my companions – on a very wet day a large party of us went to a small, delightful cinema to see ‘Bladerunner 2047’. The verdicts of two of my companions included, ‘Well, that was a load of rubbish’ and ‘Hmm… Ryan Gosling clearly didn’t need to do much acting’, to which I haughtily replied, “Well, I thought it stayed true to the spirit of Philip K Dick”. Discuss! In summary, for location, stunning granite tors, cliffs and coastal scenery, Bosigran is well worth a visit … it could even be described as ‘boss’!

by Damien Connor