Publicity Resources

Publicity leaflets

Spread the word about Red Rope!

Every region manages its own publicity to attract new members.

The Club has produced a few Publicity Resources to help Regions with publicity.  There’s a pack with notes and tips, plus an example Welcome Letter and Press Release in word or rich text format so that you can edit them for your own use, and also a document containing our letterhead.

Nationally we also have a club business card to hand out, plus national posters – you can get these from the Red Rope Publicity Officer. publicity(replace this text with the @ sign)

National Flyer

National Flyer

National A5 flyer


A new A5 Red Rope publicity flyer is available. The publicity officer has a stock of these. All the region < @redrope> contact details are on the back. Great to hand out at events, gatherings, demos etc.

I have a stock of glossy ones – and we can get a print run of cheaper ones if you just want  to hand out at meetings, demos etc.

Regions – If you want to put your region contact detail on the front of the leaflet there is a space – but you will need to get the MS Publisher file from publicity officer.  publicity(replace this text with the @ sign)

Unfortunately MS publisher files cannot be made available on our site. (WordPress rules  I’m afraid)

PDF of the flyer front page – a pdf of the flyer front page is available for download here: RR_Redflash_A5

Publicity Pack

Notes and tips on publicising Red Rope, for downloading and printing (9 pages)
(This is a PDF document. For more information see Using PDF files)

Welcome letter

An example of a welcome letter for new enquirers (from Coventry and Warwickshire) – other regions can adapt this letter for their own use.
welcomeletter A Word document (docx)
welcomeletter Rich Text Format (welcomeletter.rtf)

Press Release

An example of a press release from Sheffield – you can download this file and then overtype it with your own info.
rrpressex ( Word doc docx)


The Red Rope logo on a plain page, in:

letterhead (Word Docx file)

letterhead (a file in RTF format)