National Winter trip to Scotland

National Winter trip to Scotland

Red Rope organises trips in England, Wales and Scotland.

When we talk about ‘trips’ we mean overnight weekend or longer stays. We have about two trips a month. Trips may include various levels of walking and climbing depending on the location and the people on the trip. You can go on trips with your own region, or organised by another region.

Trips to huts (which usually have dorm beds or alpine bunks), hostels and campsites are organised at national and regional level, varying in length from a weekend to a week, with shared transport and evening meals. We share the planning, shopping and cooking. Activities are up to the people on the trip, options could include a low level stroll or more strenuous walking and/or climbing depending on the area and who goes. Any Red Rope member can go on any trip. Kids and beginners welcome.

Climbing: Trips often involve climbing for those interested, and many regions have regular evening/weekend climbing indoors or outdoors. Beginners welcome. For further information, check the climbing page.

How do I find out what trips are coming up?

Upcoming National Trips 

All Trips (National and Regions) are listed in the Monthly Information Sheet (MIS). Members get this emailed monthly. For a flavour you can download the current one from this site.

Diary / MIS

If you are interested in a particular trip you can ring the organiser to discuss (non-members email your regional contact to get the phone number).


To book on a trip, you must send a booking form and cheque to the organiser. National trips get booked up very quickly, region trips vary. Preference on any waiting list is given to members, and non-members pay a supplement.

For more details about national trips contact the National Trips Secretary nationaltrips(replace this text with the @ sign)

For trips organised by one of the Red Rope regions contact the regional contact or look in your MIS for the trip organiser’s details.

Trip Booking Forms

What will it cost?

All our trips are charged according to your membership band – related to your income.

There is a discount for booking early, non-members pay a supplement.

Trip charges page

How do we get there?

We share transport as far as possible, car sharing and sometimes public transport. This is arranged by the trip organiser. For information about our car sharing finances, and other costs see the Trip charges page

Trip planning

Often several people will get together to plan a trip. This involves booking accommodation for a certain number of places, working out the affordability of the trip for the club or the region, liaising with the National Trips Sec, or agreeing with your Region to run the trip.  Each trip has a designated  ‘trip organiser’, to take bookings and coordinate the trip transport, delegate organising the food etc.  There’s a Trip Organiser’s pack with lots of help. Check out the Trip Planning page for more information.